We aim to deliver our products within a 7-14 working business day timeframe. We're doing the best we can to fulfil your orders on time, but there are industry-wide shipping delays that will impact delivery dates. Read more below!

Based on our estimates, we expect to fulfil our orders in time for the shipping carrier deadlines. However, there are shipping delays that will impact delivery times. Some of the carriers are limiting the daily number of packages they accept, and millions of shipments are stuck in distribution centres, leading to extensive industry-wide shipping delays.

We're doing our best to get your orders out on time, but once they're handed over to the carriers, it's up to their sorting centre capacity. We see that the shipping estimates provided by our carriers aren't fully reliable anymore, which means that sadly some of your orders might not arrive on time even though they were submitted before our deadlines.

Note that the tracking links take longer than usual to update. The overload of shipments in distribution centres means carriers are slower to register and ship your orders. Sometimes the tracking info won't change for over a week until the item is scanned, or even up to the point of delivery. 

Our Customer Support team is there to answer your questions, but they don't have access to tracking or any additional carrier information about specific orders. Re-shipping for orders with tracking links that haven’t been updated in a while isn’t a solution since the new shipments will cause more backlog in the distribution centres, and the original orders will arrive at their destination first. The best thing to do for now is to be understanding of the circumstances and communicate with your customers about the delays.

We’re actively communicating with our shipping partners to get more information, and we’ll keep you posted. Thank you for your support and understanding. 

Remember to take care of your health. Check the guidelines and current updates from the World Health Organization and Center of Disease and Control Prevention for staying safe during the pandemic.